The Conclusion

In conclusion, it needs to be clearly stated that the internet can be a very scary place. This does not mean that everybody should stay away from technology and the internet; it simply means that more education and preventative measures need to be put into place to help educate and ensure proper use of what can be a very helpful tool.

Technology, software, the internet and everything digital are some of the most powerful and helpful things in our lives.

The future of technology and the internet

Only time will tell what the future will really hold. However if one takes into account just how much technology has advanced in the last few years it is almost impossibearth-1971617_960_720le to predict what is going to happen. Technology is in a place in time where it can only get more and more powerful in years to come.

Many people worry about the advances in technology as they fearthat it will end up destroying us. As with everything else, there are many positives and negatives. There is no denying that one some of the positive aspects of technology is that it has created jobs upon jobs. Everything is easier and more convenient than ever before.

The sadness about technology usually comes in the form of the great divide between the rich and the poor. Rich people are able to enjoy the absolute latest and greatest of everything, if they put the money down, almost anything is possible. On the other hand people there are people out there who are suffering from extreme levels of poverty and who may live on the streets. The last thing that people in poverty concern themselves with is what is happening on social media. Their interaction with technology is very limited. This great divide creates huge concerns and questions for society at large.